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Customer Reviews

“I so wish I had found Penna's sooner!!! Took my volvo to the dealership for years and paid so much money every visit. Finally I realized that every time I picked it up something new was broken. The gas tank door, missing hub cap bolts, leaking fluids etc. Left the dealership for another shop that specialized in several different car makes. They were pretty good, but not great. Then I found Penna's and am so extremely happy. As long as a I drive a volvo, I will take it to Penna's!!!”

Jake S

“To all Volvo owners, Unless you're driving the company's car and someone else pays the bill, it is a common dilemma when you need to decide where you want to bring your car after your warranty expires, and of course you want a good & honest mechanic who knows what he is doing. The service rep (didn't have a chance to get his name) who answered the phone, and whom I met at the shop, was very knowledgeable and very patient with all my questions, even after I called several times and he was nice till the end. Because of after hour traffic, I got there past 4:30, close to their closing hours. He gladly took me in. He is well organized, efficient and has a professional work ethic, yet is very friendly. The shop was very well organized, with a clean environment. It tells you a lot about the head mechanic's personality and work experience. I also heard that he is the owner. He let me and my son watch him work, didn't mind explaining each step and even gave me tips to avoid further expensive repairs. I went in for a software update, he did a test drive to check on rpm dropping on the gear shifting and replaced the coolant recovery tank because the top part was almost cracked. He honestly told me that the software was already up to date, so he didn't have to do it. Mr. Penna gave me a proper explanation after the test drive. The invoice total was $123.00, and I am happy with the amount. The only reason I gave 4 stars was because I later found out the part price online and realized that they charged way more than the actual part price and only $25 on labor. I think they didn't want to look like they charged me too much on labor and it is a smart business tactic. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining but it would have been better if they just charged me more for labor and charge me the correct price for the part because overall, I know that they spent quality time for the service on my car and the total price was reasonable. Conclusion, if you wanna get quality service with a reasonable price, this is the place. I am definitely going back.”

Kevin L

“Been taking my 2007 XC90 to Kevin for over a year now - could not be happier! Not only are his prices much lower than dealer prices, but the quality of work is far superior! This is a two man shop - Kevin Penna (owner/mechanic) and Mark (his father-in-law) runs things up front. They are always honest and helpful and have never tried to recommend service that wasn't needed! Whether it's just an oil change, tires, brakes or a complete service; I would not take my vehicle anywhere else!”

Mike C

“I have been taking my Volvo cars to Kevin Penna at Penna's Volvo Service for 15 years! Without a doubt, he is the best mechanic that we have ever had! He's honest, a family man, and he runs his shop with integrity. I trust him & know that my car is going to run well after he works on it; I haven't had any recurring problems with my car. I had one Volvo that Kevin worked on for the last 13 years and it had 185,000 miles. He explains things clearly & never recommends things you don't need. One of the reasons that I am a loyal Volvo owner is because I feel secure knowing that Kevin will work on my car. As a woman, that means a great deal. He also has a service that if you live nearby, they will drive you home. When I had a baby I was still able to have my car serviced, because Penna's would drive me home & pick me up. It was a sigh of relief to my husband to know that my car was regularly serviced. Thank you, Kevin!”